Security Clearance, “In Many Cases It’s Better Than Having an MBA”

CAREER HACK: If you are in an area where Security Clearance positions are in demand consider applying for these positions and gaining clearance. If you are able to receive Security Clearance it can boost your salary by 25% on average while providing stronger job security.Career Hacker Bill Inman Employment Jobs Interview Resume Blog Success Boss Work Hiring

Would getting a security clearance be better than getting an MBA degree? The Associated Press in their article “Security Clearance a Valued Resume Credential” discusses the advantages of having this clearance which is in high demand. Here are some highlights from the article:

  • Job candidates with security clearances are hotter-than-ever commodities in the Washington area and elsewhere, due to higher demand, tighter security requirements and a wave of baby-boomer retirements”
  • “If a soldier has good skill sets in the IT arena, he’ll have a job offer in five minutes”
  • “We see people hoping to retire, and their employers are pleading with them to stay. They say, ‘We’ll pay you another 30 grand to stay on board.”‘
  • “Estimates are that there are 100,000 unfilled security-clearance jobs, many of them in the Washington area, the largest market for such positions.”
  • “Those with security clearances earn an average 25 percent more than similarly skilled workers who lack them. That gap has been widening, too.”
  • “It’s in many cases better than having an MBA.”

Security Clearance a Valued Resume Credential. [Associated Press]


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The Average U.S. Hourly Wage has Increased 25% Since 1997

The average U.S. hourly wage has been increasing steadily over the last 10 years. The increase has been from $12.51 an hour to $16.75 an hour, an increase of 25%. If increases continue at the current rate then in 2017 the average hourly wage will be $20.00 hourly (about $40,000 annually), $26.30 hourly in 2027 (about $52,000 annually), and $32.96 hourly in 2037 (about $66,000 annually). You can bet that inflation will keep pace though!

Below you will find a table with the average hourly pay for U.S. workers from 1997 – 2007.

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The following graph represents the same timeframe:

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For more information see:

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics
The White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room – Employment


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Ways To Know When It’s Time To Find Another Job

Information Week writer Sharon Gaudin interviewed career experts from Challenger Gray & Christmas, a global outplacement firm based in Chicago, and, online job posting leader, on the subject of knowing when to look for another job.

Here are the “ways to know when it may be time to move on” with quotes from the Gaudin’s article “5 Ways to Know When It’s Time to Find Another Job“:


1) Learning Has Stopped or Slowed Considerably

“If you’re no longer learning, the indication is that your time there is over. If you have a really good boss, it can be hard to leave that. But if you’ve learned everything you can from that company and that great boss, you’re not helping yourself by staying.”

2) There are Rumors that Your Company May be Acquired or Merge with Another Company

“Pay attention to the rumor mill when it’s about acquisitions, mergers and layoffs. Mergers and acquisitions are a real red flag that some of you will go, if not all of you.”

3) You Work with a “Toxic” Co-Worker

“If you see a company where people are not held accountable for things they do, both good and bad, you shouldn’t stay, they might as well not be giving you a computer because they’re not helping you do your job.”

4) You Have a Bad Relationship with Your Boss

” [If the relationship with your boss] is [not] solid at its core…you’re just not going to be in a position to get good raises, promotions and challenging and interesting work. If you feel like your job is at risk and you may be let go, instead of fearing and avoiding it, be proactive about looking…don’t wait.”

5) You are Underpaid and Overworked

“Many people took a job that paid less than they wanted but they just wanted a paycheck…if you’ve stayed with an employer for four or five years, you’ll probably find that you’re underpaid.” Suggested is going online and check out various salary surveys, looking specifically at your job level and geographical region.

5 Ways to Know When It’s Time to Find Another Job. [Information Week – Sharon Gaudin]


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Strategies for Successfully Managing Workplace Culture

Jane May, in her blog, provides the following 21 Strategies for Managing Workplace Culture. As she writes, “Some [career minded professionals] might hate the company [they] work for, or are unclear of the companies’ culture. As a result, [they] are not able to manage workplace politics. The following list of strategies for managing workplace politics may be useful to those that are new to the company or profession.

Strategies for Successfully Managing Workplace Culture

Ways of Managing Workplace Politics.
[ – Jane May]

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Ten Highest Paid “Blue-Collar” Jobs

10 blue-collar jobs with highest annual earnings Occupation Average earnings of full-time workers

Drillers, oil well


Supervisors, electricians and power transmission installers


Locomotive operating


Supervisors, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters


Railroad conductors and yardmasters


Power plant operators


Supervisors, extractive


Supervisors, carpenters and related workers


Aircraft engine mechanics


Electrical power installers and repairers


Drillers are no. 1 in blue-collar pay. [Bizjournals – G. Scott Thomas]

Career Hack: If you are in a professional similar to these positions above and make less pay search for these titles on in your local and consider submitting your resume!


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Second Life – A virtual life becomes a real job

Second Life is a “3D online digital world imagined, created, and owned by it’s residents.” Simply put it is a ‘website’ where real people can create online alter ego and interact with other people worldwide. As Dawn Rosenberg McKay of writes, “residents of this virtual world, who take on the persona of a self-created avatar, can own land, run businesses and attend events, all online. Ms. McKay references, “the most radical dotcom 2.0 recruitment wave is happening in virtual reality thanks to Second Life. Instead of posting a resume on that will hopefully net a flesh-and-blood job interview, your avatar can be interviewed and hired all within Second Life, often for jobs possible only in virtual reality.” Apparently several companies have already hired people by finding and interviewing people’s Second Life alter ego. If you are already on Second Life you might consider networking or starting a business where real world employer can see your talent. If you have not yet experienced Second Life it may be worth a look.

Can Second Life Help You Get Hired? [Dawn Rosenberg McKay –]

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U.S. Workers Hate Their Job More Than Ever writer Tamara Schweitzer wrote the article U.S. Workers Hate Their Job More Than Ever. Here is some information from that writing:

Employee Dissatisfaction


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