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Career Whack: Ask “What If?”

What IfThink big and creatively about your career and ask “what if?” Taking action on “what if” thoughts might help you identify your true calling, be great at your job, help more people, and have more fun….

“Such questions will stretch your thinking and lead to new ideas,” says Roger Von Oech author of the Creative Whack Pack.

What if you were CEO of your company? What if you had to speak in front of 4,000 people about your career? What if all of your co-workers and customers didn’t speak English? What if you had 3 years to reach a guaranteed income level for the rest of your life? What if you could only say 25 words or less to sell your product? What if you had to work in a foreign country for the next year? What if you did all your work with a cell phone and laptop computer on a beach in Hawaii? What if you had to wear a different costume to work everyday?

Career Whack: See the Big Picture

see-the-big-picture.gif Everyone has daily success, stress, ups and downs in their job. Seeing through those issues and looking at the big picture will help you recognize opportunities, avoid repeating mistakes, and create positive new avenues in your career.

When facing challenging career issues ask yourself the following to See the Big Picture:

  • What are your highest thoughts about your career (what is your ultimate career vision), does the current issue fit into that vision?
  • Is the current issue taking you closer to your career goals or moving you farther away? (Do you have concrete career goals?)
  • How can you use the issue to create:
    • Positive Results?
    • Company Profits?
    • Goodwill towards co-workers?
    • To get a raise?
    • New opportunities or a new job?
    • (to eliminate) politics in your job?
    • Clarify your career goals?
    • Take action!


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