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Google Earth Resume

First video resumes, now resumes on Google Earth. Interesting. The Google Earth resume shows the locations where the job seeker went to school, where their jobs were/are, where they participate in extracurricular activities, etc.  It allows for the viewer to drill down on the locations and get more information about each.

click here to view the Google Earth resume in Google Maps

Since people are continuing to innovate how they display their resume and skills here is a new one for you. Job seekers should sell pieces of their resume on GoogleBase? $1 for the Objective, $1 for the Education, $1 for Experience, and $5 for the contact information. If a company really wanted to recruit them at least they would made a small investment and the job seeker would know they were serious when the prospective employer called.

Google Earth Resume Screenshot 

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The Vault’s Video Resume Challenge Winners

The website the Vault evaluated scores of video resumes to select the 5 best submissions. Here were their observations:

  • A confident, poised video resume can make up for deficits in your written resume.
  • If you use the Q&A format, try not to jump immediately to your answers – wait a second or two.
  • Speak at a fairly slow pace.
  • Dress professionally.
  • If at all possible, face the camera.
  • Try not to visibly read off notes or other cues. If you keep your video resume on the shorter side you will not need many, if any, notes.
  • Ensure that the background is professional (no posters stuck to the wall with rolled-up tape, beer cans, etc.)
  • Four minutes is the absolute maximum you should spend on your video resume. Better to keep it between a minute and two minutes.

View the 5 winning resumes here. [Vault]

Career Hacker Bill Inman Employment Jobs Interview Resume Blog Success Boss Work Hiring Career Hacker Bill Inman Employment Jobs Interview Resume Blog Success Boss Work HiringCareer Hacker Bill Inman Employment Jobs Interview Resume Blog Success Boss Work HiringCareer Hacker Bill Inman Employment Jobs Interview Resume Blog Success Boss Work HiringCareer Hacker Bill Inman Employment Jobs Interview Resume Blog Success Boss Work Hiring


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How to Raise Your Value to the People You Work For

brand.jpgIn many cases people are stigmatized with the status and role (i.e. brand) the obtain when they get started with a new company. There are several ways to combat this:

(1) find a new job with more responsibility and higher compensation. See the previous post Job Hopping Your Way to Career Success for more information.

(2) constantly improve the impact of your personal brand. David Sandusky of BrandSimple writes, “A [personal] brand is much more than your career – it is about you and what you stand for.  A promise of value in your family and community.  It is an image and perception of you by those around you – physical, emotional and the external experience.”

 Review the following resources to learn more about creating your personal brand.

Your Brand, LLC. [Service]
Your Individual Brand. [Blog]
BrandSimple. [Blog, Book]

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Look Within Your Current Company for Job Openings

Woman Computer“Existing employees have a proven track record of success with [their current companies],” writes Katherine Spencer Lee of Robert Half Technology. Because of this internal employees are often given preference over external candidates.

If you do look at job openings at your current company here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t take it lightly – prepare your resume and for the interview process the same as for any external opportunity.
  2. Make sure you’re qualified – submitting for jobs that you are not qualified for may devalue your skills in the eyes of your company.
  3. Let your manager know – don’t alienate yourself in your current position if the new job doesn’t work out.
  4. Make sure you want the job – although it is the same company the culture of another department and boss could be quite different. Get insight from other employees in the department or group you are applying to join.
  5. Make yourself known– before you apply for another position become known in the company by volunteering for important projects and assignments.
  6. Refresh your knowledge – review the basics such as writing a good resume and interviewing. Your competition external and internal may be polished in these areas.

 The Truth About Internal Job Openings. [Robert Half Technology – Katherine Spencer Lee]

25% of Hiring Managers Use Internet Search Engines to Screen Candidates… 51% Didn’t Hire Because of What They Found

logos.gifAccording to a survey by Careerbuilder, over a quarter of hiring managers have looked at the web before making a decision to hire a candidate for a job opening. Over half of those have made a decision not to hire someone based upon what they saw.

Here are the things that hiring managers are finding about job candidates online:

  • 31% – candidate lied about qualifications
  • 25% – candidate had poor communication skills
  • 24% – candidate was linked to criminal behavior
  • 19% – candidate bad-mouthed their previous company or fellow employee
  • 19% – candidate posted information about them drinking or using drugs
  • 15% – candidate shared confidential information from previous employers
  • 12% – candidate lied about an absence
  • 11% – candidate posted provocative or inappropriate photographs
  • 8% – candidate’s screen name was unprofessional
  • People now more than ever should realize that what they do online may have serious financial consequences for them in the professional world. On the other hand ‘smart’ professionals will use these tools to create a positive personal brand that will be easily referenced. On the positive side hiring managers found the following about job candidates:

  • 64% – candidate’s background information supported their professional qualifications for the job
  • 40% – candidate was well-rounded, showed a wide range of interests
  • 34% – candidate had great communication skills
  • 31% – candidate’s site conveyed a professional image
  • 31% – got a good feel for the candidate’s personality, could see a good fit within the company culture
  • 23% – other people posted great references about the candidate
  • 23% – candidate was creative
  • 19% – candidate received awards and accolades 
  • Read Careerbuilder’s recommendations and the full article at:

    One-in-Four Hiring Managers Have Used Internet Search Engines to Screen Job Candidates. [Careerbuilder]

    Also read:

    Employers Google Job Candidates, Check Social Networking Web Sites. [SmartPros]

    Employers Turn to Blogs to Screen Job Seekers. [Jist]

    Your Online Personal Brand

    Reach LogoEmployers will search for information about your online during and after the recruiting process. Why not be proacticve about creating a personal brand on the Internet? Reach Communications Consulting, Inc. is a personal branding service who has written some interesting articles on the subjectand posted them to their website.

    Personal Googling. [Reach Communications Consulting, Inc.]