Enjoy Work and Improve Performance by Clearing Workplace Clutter

401k Compensation Hiring Talent Value Worker Workers Workforce advice bill.inman bill_inman billinman billinman.com blog blogging blogs brand career careerhacker careerhacker.com consulting education employee employment entrepreneur entrepreneurship goals growth hr human_capital humanresources job jobboard jobs jobsearch labor life management me networking office personal personalgrowth promotion recruiting recruitment resume salary temp temporary unemployment workforce-vision.com www.billinman.com www.careerhacker.com www.workforce-vision.comSarah Needleman of CareerJournal suggests the following four tactics to remove workplace clutter, which should increase your performance and job satisfaction:

1) Eliminate Distractions – Set and monitor your personal career goals and if your job duties don’t support them then discuss delegating them or moving out of that role with your manager.

2) Resolve Conflicts – Plan to resolve and eliminate conflicts. Place conflict resolving action items at the top of your to-do list, after breaking these actions down into smaller readily achievable pieces.

3) Eliminate Email Overload – Quickly respond to non-priority emails with an ‘I’ll get back to you ASAP’ email, place them in a follow-up folder and get to them when you can.

4) Spend Less Time with Chatterboxes – Tell workplace ‘talkers’ that you have deadlines to meet (assuming you do) and steer clear of them if possible. Save these conversations for break times if they are unavoidable.

Read the entire article here.

Declutter Your Career and Make Way for Success. [CareerJournal – Sarah Needleman]

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One response to “Enjoy Work and Improve Performance by Clearing Workplace Clutter

  1. Not sure I can agree with all of this…especially the Email Overload.

    I think this advice is aimed at someone who likes Pissing people off and wants a short business life. Telling someone that you “will get back to them ASAP” and then never ever getting back to them in an effort to stay focused on your business priorities will trigger the launch of a huge negative campaign against them.

    If you took the time to say “I’ll get back with you” and then move them to a follow-up folder, then you had time to address something more specific, like taking a quick look at your calendar to plot out when you would get back to them.

    I tell my clients to never put off an email. Deal with it as soon as they read it…and to never NOT read an email, unless of course it is spam, but that is another matter.

    I have several clients who have been told by business coaches to eliminate people and things from their lives who do not a help in meeting their goals. That included them dumping old friends and business associates who could be a part of making them successful.

    It all started with not replying to an email in a timely manor and ended up with them coming to me to salvage their business because they took that kind of advice as being good advice.

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