Ways To Know When It’s Time To Find Another Job

Information Week writer Sharon Gaudin interviewed career experts from Challenger Gray & Christmas, a global outplacement firm based in Chicago, and Monster.com, online job posting leader, on the subject of knowing when to look for another job.

Here are the “ways to know when it may be time to move on” with quotes from the Gaudin’s article “5 Ways to Know When It’s Time to Find Another Job“:


1) Learning Has Stopped or Slowed Considerably

“If you’re no longer learning, the indication is that your time there is over. If you have a really good boss, it can be hard to leave that. But if you’ve learned everything you can from that company and that great boss, you’re not helping yourself by staying.”

2) There are Rumors that Your Company May be Acquired or Merge with Another Company

“Pay attention to the rumor mill when it’s about acquisitions, mergers and layoffs. Mergers and acquisitions are a real red flag that some of you will go, if not all of you.”

3) You Work with a “Toxic” Co-Worker

“If you see a company where people are not held accountable for things they do, both good and bad, you shouldn’t stay, they might as well not be giving you a computer because they’re not helping you do your job.”

4) You Have a Bad Relationship with Your Boss

” [If the relationship with your boss] is [not] solid at its core…you’re just not going to be in a position to get good raises, promotions and challenging and interesting work. If you feel like your job is at risk and you may be let go, instead of fearing and avoiding it, be proactive about looking…don’t wait.”

5) You are Underpaid and Overworked

“Many people took a job that paid less than they wanted but they just wanted a paycheck…if you’ve stayed with an employer for four or five years, you’ll probably find that you’re underpaid.” Suggested is going online and check out various salary surveys, looking specifically at your job level and geographical region.

5 Ways to Know When It’s Time to Find Another Job. [Information Week – Sharon Gaudin]


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