Second Life – A virtual life becomes a real job

Second Life is a “3D online digital world imagined, created, and owned by it’s residents.” Simply put it is a ‘website’ where real people can create online alter ego and interact with other people worldwide. As Dawn Rosenberg McKay of writes, “residents of this virtual world, who take on the persona of a self-created avatar, can own land, run businesses and attend events, all online. Ms. McKay references, “the most radical dotcom 2.0 recruitment wave is happening in virtual reality thanks to Second Life. Instead of posting a resume on that will hopefully net a flesh-and-blood job interview, your avatar can be interviewed and hired all within Second Life, often for jobs possible only in virtual reality.” Apparently several companies have already hired people by finding and interviewing people’s Second Life alter ego. If you are already on Second Life you might consider networking or starting a business where real world employer can see your talent. If you have not yet experienced Second Life it may be worth a look.

Can Second Life Help You Get Hired? [Dawn Rosenberg McKay –]

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