Google Earth Resume

First video resumes, now resumes on Google Earth. Interesting. The Google Earth resume shows the locations where the job seeker went to school, where their jobs were/are, where they participate in extracurricular activities, etc.  It allows for the viewer to drill down on the locations and get more information about each.

click here to view the Google Earth resume in Google Maps

Since people are continuing to innovate how they display their resume and skills here is a new one for you. Job seekers should sell pieces of their resume on GoogleBase? $1 for the Objective, $1 for the Education, $1 for Experience, and $5 for the contact information. If a company really wanted to recruit them at least they would made a small investment and the job seeker would know they were serious when the prospective employer called.

Google Earth Resume Screenshot 

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One response to “Google Earth Resume

  1. hmm. is this an actual trend? i don’t see how an employer would be enticed to hire me by seeing where i get my hair cut or buy my pizza…

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