Implement the Kaizen Philosophy in Your Career

The good news first – Kaizen won’t require more than 30 seconds of your time each day. All that is required is that you pay attention so what you are thinking, and focus on setting simple and completely achievable goals. The Kaizen way suggests that you take small steps toward continuous improvement, instead of attempting to create radical change that you won’t be able to keep up with and sustain over time.

So instead of declaring, this New Year, what you will not do you might think of one small thing you could do every day that is easily attainable. This can be something as simple as deciding to eat one bite less of dessert or taking 15 seconds in the bathroom every day to breathe deeply three times. That’s all you have to do, just take one tiny step whether it’s a new thought, or a new action.

Kaizen is a gentle easy approach to problem solving that will enable you to attain your goal over time. When you implement simple small steps, you avoid triggering the fear and stress response in the brain, which are often what blocks success and the achievement of desired goals.

Sound too simple and ridiculous to be effective? Well consider this. After World War II, the entire Japanese economy was devastated. Dr. W. Edwards Denning introduced the principle of continuous improvement as a management strategy. Thousands of business managers enrolled into Management Training Programs and embraced the principle now known as Kaizen.

As we know, the post-war economy of Japan improved dramatically and productivity soared. Today the most successful business leaders in the world are starting to incorporate the Kaizen way into every area of their organisations.

Wikipedia Kaizen. [Wikipedia]

Career Hacker * * By Bill Inman *


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