More Education = More Earnings

The more education one receives the more money they are likely to earn. The following chart shows how average weekly earnings are effected by educational milestones.

Earnings Chart
Career Hacker * * By Bill Inman *


2 responses to “More Education = More Earnings

  1. This use to be the rule, but in today’s market businesses need practical experience more than book learned know how and having a Doctoral, outside the Legal and Medical profession, does not quantify the extra salary over someone who has already been in the trenches for more than five or six years. I sat in the hiring seat for many years in corporate America and saw what men and women who came in with the higher educations were offering. The people who came in from related industries with years of experience out performed and made quicker and sounder decisions than 90% of the MBA’s I was forced to hire. There were those few who thought out their education and put application in between their securing their MBA and Doctoral. That is where you are getting the statistic you are quoting…not from the professional students who stayed away from gaining practical experience then getting the advanced degree to support it… The warning here is not be lulled into thinking that getting more than a Graduate degree will mandate a higher salary…unfortunately, those days left with the I Love Lucy Show. The way to make a higher education work is get out, learn something from the bottom up, then apply a degree against that and the fast lane opens up for you…

  2. I will have to agree with MBG. The more you actually have in the real world experience will count for more then a flat degree with no experience at all.

    I hate to say it, but I have run across MBA morons in my life. I have also ran across MBA whiz kids, and MBA work their way through night schools.

    I’d take someone that knows what they are doing over someone with a piece of paper from a university any day of the week. Paper can easily be bought these days online, so unless you know what you are doing, it’s pretty worthless and just a show piece in my book.

    btw, I’ve made in my past work life $1421 a week and I do NOT have a Doctorate.


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