How to Raise Your Value to the People You Work For

brand.jpgIn many cases people are stigmatized with the status and role (i.e. brand) the obtain when they get started with a new company. There are several ways to combat this:

(1) find a new job with more responsibility and higher compensation. See the previous post Job Hopping Your Way to Career Success for more information.

(2) constantly improve the impact of your personal brand. David Sandusky of BrandSimple writes, “A [personal] brand is much more than your career – it is about you and what you stand for.  A promise of value in your family and community.  It is an image and perception of you by those around you – physical, emotional and the external experience.”

 Review the following resources to learn more about creating your personal brand.

Your Brand, LLC. [Service]
Your Individual Brand. [Blog]
BrandSimple. [Blog, Book]

Career Hacker * * By Bill Inman *


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