Look Within Your Current Company for Job Openings

Woman Computer“Existing employees have a proven track record of success with [their current companies],” writes Katherine Spencer Lee of Robert Half Technology. Because of this internal employees are often given preference over external candidates.

If you do look at job openings at your current company here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t take it lightly – prepare your resume and for the interview process the same as for any external opportunity.
  2. Make sure you’re qualified – submitting for jobs that you are not qualified for may devalue your skills in the eyes of your company.
  3. Let your manager know – don’t alienate yourself in your current position if the new job doesn’t work out.
  4. Make sure you want the job – although it is the same company the culture of another department and boss could be quite different. Get insight from other employees in the department or group you are applying to join.
  5. Make yourself known– before you apply for another position become known in the company by volunteering for important projects and assignments.
  6. Refresh your knowledge – review the basics such as writing a good resume and interviewing. Your competition external and internal may be polished in these areas.

 The Truth About Internal Job Openings. [Robert Half Technology – Katherine Spencer Lee]


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