Search 12,000 Job Descriptions Career Hacker Bill InmanFrom ‘Able Seaman’ to ‘Zoologist’, has over 12,000 job descriptions you can search for free. Why is this valuable to you? You might use this information to:

  •  Enhance your resume by adding some of the skills mentioned in job descriptions to the previous or current position(s) listed on your resume.
  • Understand better what it will skills and abilities it will take to make a move towards a new career path.
  • Find job related keywords, on job descriptions, that you can plug into job boards and search engines to locate hard to find positions.
  • Find out what skills you might be lacking in your current job and what you need to improve upon.
  • Write a great job description for an opening in your department.

All job descriptions contain (1) a description, (2) required knowledge (3) required skills (4) required abilities and (5) job activities. You can search by RAISEC career code, keyword or term, or browse alphabetically. Job Descriptions. []

Career Hacker * * By Bill Inman *


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