Do You Deserve a Raise?

If you wonder if you deserve a raise here are some questions to consider from the book Are You Paid What You’re Worth? The Complete Guide to Negotiating the Salary, Benefits, Bonsu and Raise Your Deserve by Michael O’Malley.

1. If you left the company, how easy or hard would it be for the company to replace you? Where would your answer fall closer to ecompensation Bill Inman Careerhackerasy or hard?

2. To what extent do you have abilities or possess knowledge that most others — both inside and outside the company — do not have? Is your answer nearer none or plenty?

3. If your company had to eliminate departments, what would happen to yours? Would yours be more near the first to go or last to go?

4. Is your department respected by other parts of the company? Is your answer nearer not at all or highly?

5. How much does your business or division contribute to the profitability of the company? Is it closer to the least or the most?

Take the Quiz. [ – Jeanne Sahadi, Michael O’Malley]

Career Hacker * * By Bill Inman *


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