Conventional Career Success Frustrates High Money Earners

Money Frustration“There are people who assumed that their hard work and conventional ‘success’ would leave them with no worries,” writes Matt Miller of Fortune Magazine. These people include doctors, accountants, engineers, lawyers, and Vice Presidents. The frustration of these individuals lies in the fact that there is seemingly no way for these to live with ‘unlimited’ means even with a large income. Is this attitude based in greed or are there deeper career challenges that limit our earnings potential and rewards even if we become a high money earner in the U.S.? Will we be able to retire early? Do we believe that a degree or advanced degree with carve a path towards financial freedom? Read the following article to learn more about this ‘bubbling’ frustration.

 Revolt of the Farily Rich. [Fortune – Matt Miller]
Career Hacker * * By Bill Inman


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