Organize Your Workspace for Efficiency

Organizing your workspace can make you more productive, help you work faster, and positively effect your overall state-of-mind. Here are some tips to help you streamline your office:

  1. Find an organizational system that works for you
  2. Do a little organizing each day
  3. Reserve an afternoon or morning for organizing
  4. Put urgent items in their own folder
  5. Get an electronic copy when possible
  6. Use a desktop calendar

Read the details at:

Streamline Your Workspace. [ – Samuel Hui]

Other resources:

 Organize Your Desk. [The Clutter Coach – Barbara Tischler
What to Do When Your Desk is a Disaster. [Ronnie Eisenberg]

Career Hacker * * By Bill Inman


One response to “Organize Your Workspace for Efficiency

  1. I am looking to standing at my desk instead of sitting since seating seems to cause things out of reach to be stacked up and become cluttered. Any resources for desks and chairs that adjust from sitting to standing?

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