How to Develop Career Goals

200439183-001.jpgIt has been said “When we fail to plan we become part of somebody elses.” Have you taken the time to develop written career goals? If not here is why you should do so immediately.

In the 1950’s a Yale University study did some research on the results of goal setting. The results they discovered over a 20 year period were astounding. 20 years later when they investigated the success of the graduates they found that the 3% of graduates with clearly written goals in the 1950’s were worth more in terms of wealth than the other 97% put together.

If you do not know where to get started in creating your career goals Cornell University has created a resource that details six key aspects, including:

  1. Know yourself
  2. Clarify interests
  3. Assess values
  4. Determine skills
  5. Explore options
  6. Develop preliminary goals

Developing Career Goals. [Cornell University]
Career Hacker * * Post: Bill Inman


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