Great Ideas to Boost Your Career in What’s Left of 2006

october.jpgHow can you gain additional momentum in your career before 2006 comes to an end? One way is to create a larger career network and leverage the relationships you already have. Along these lines, Dave Lorenzo of Career Intensity Blog writes:

 “There are less than 10 weeks left until 2007… Now is a good time to look at your goals and assess your progress [in your career]…Here are five things you can do to finish 2006 in strong fashion:

  1. Dedicate 30 minutes each day between now and the end of the year to focus on little steps towards a big goal
  2. Make one phone call to a former business associate each day
  3. Write a hand written note to someone who was featured in an article in the newspaper
  4. Make friends with someone in an elevator, on line at the supermarket or in the post office
  5. Collect business cards

Five Things to Do Before the End of the Year. [Career Intensity BlogDave Lorenzo]


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