Do As I Do: Blogs ‘Essential’ to a Good Career

blog-pie.jpgBy virtue of writing a blog that helps you help your career I, in turn, am helping my own career… and you can too! That is what The Boston Globe write Penelope Trunk states in a recent article. Penelope writes that Blogging is good for your career because:

  1. Blogging creates a network
  2. Blogging can get you a job
  3. Blogging is great training
  4. Blogging helps you move up quickly
  5. Blogging makes self-employment easier
  6. Blogging provides more opportunities
  7. Blogging could be your big break
  8. Blogging makes the world a better place

Read the details behind these benefits.

Blogs ‘essential’ to a good career. [The Boston Globe – Penelope Trunk]


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