Social Networking – Workers Not Using to Find Jobs BUT Employers ARE Looking

c0028979.jpgEmployers are looking online to find out more information about who they are hiring. If you have a profile on any of the social networking sites – MySpace, Friendster or Facebook – you may want to get 360-degree feedback of what you have posted (from peers, managers, friends,etc.) It may help you to gain or cost you that new job/promotion. Why not use it to your advantage? See the following blog for an additional perspective.

Workers Not Using Social Network Sites to Find Jobs, But Employers Are Looking. [Spherion Career Blog – Kip Havel]


3 responses to “Social Networking – Workers Not Using to Find Jobs BUT Employers ARE Looking

  1. Exactly, good story. I have also written that most employers are also looking on these controversial sites to see if their employees are on them and what they are saying… Being on the Online Social Networking Groups could be effecting how long you will be employed… It is not a wise move to even put an alias name and photo out there on these groups… If you are looking for a job the first thing to do is cancel all of your online networking accounts. If you want to be recognized as a professional then join a group that holds a professional image…if you can find one. If you do, will you let me know because all I have found have too many Goggle and Adsense ads on them to be considered Professional looking online social or business networking sites..

  2. I agree. I have found that being on MySpace and Tribe has proven to be a good thing if you are marketing for an IT job. It makes your future employer note that you are web savvy, and if you do your profile carefully — ie… don’t post stupid stuff on it! – you will do fine. Also, the whole friends thing – keep a close eye on it – especially MySpace where the temptation is to have 1 zillion friends. Don’t do it. The MySpace profile I have, sans like 2 or 3 “famous musicians” that I like and a couple of signed bands are truly people I have either known in the past, know currently, have actually met in person, or still converse with on a daily basis.

    Social Networks are good for meeting people, but if you are using them in the job world – definately keep it clean, and always make sure it’s updated. Just like your resume.


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