Hiring IT professionals in a tight labor market. (Applies for all skills types)

dice logoDICE is the largest Information Technology niche recruiting site on the Internet. One of the questions on the DICE 2006 IT Recruiting Trend Survey (sent to IT Hiring Managers) is:

 “How are you dealing with the tight tech labor market?”

The checkbox answers provided are:

  • Increasing social networking activities
  • Buying more online job board services
  • Attending more job fairs
  • Placing more newspaper ads
  • Offering bigger employee referral incentives

These answers provide some basic venues where ALL workers can benefit through marketing themselves.

 Social Networking – If you do not already have your profile up on one or more of the social networking sites (i.e. LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo 360…) you may want to consider posting your profile there. Recruiters are looking. If you dont know what social networking is read this Wikipedia entry on Social network.

Job Boards – You should have your resume on job boards if you are looking for a new job. That is a no-brainer. Consider though should your resume be confidential or public? If confidential be prepared to have a colleague or even your own company know that you are on the market. Post your resume on all the big boards (Monster, DICE, Careerbuilder, HotJobs, Craigs List) and on the small job boards as well (IT niche, local, and industry focused – there are too many to name).

Job Fairs – Attend as many job fairs as you can. Sometimes this can be tough because most do happen during the middle of the work day. Keep an eye out in your local paper for advertised job fairs. Like online job boards, if your search is confidential be prepared to bump into someone you know at these job fairs and maybe someone from your own job department.

Newspaper Ads – Do read and reply to as many newspaper ads as you can. Make sure that your resume is scanable and if there is an opportunity to email make the your primary option. Once paper resumes get to most large HR departments they are run through a digital scanner and then OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) to turn all of the analog words into digital representation. Many times, if your resume does not have a format that the OCR software likes, key information can be ommitted – like your contact information.

Employee Referrals – If you have a friend, or even just a contact, who works at a company that you want to get into leverage that. Ask them to walk your resume into the HR department or directly to the hiring manager and/or to provide you with a list of openings that might suit your skills.


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